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DIAMONDS ON MY SOUL by Christine E. Bowker

Christine Bowker takes us through her country childhood to the rural idyll of a Kentish Elizabethan village and the delights of wild birds and haystacks. We go to London and discover the London underworld, consorting with major criminal figures - and a King! Dashing off to a farm she bonds in a unique way with animals. Lured on a run-away trip to the Orient she is led to the British Justice system and to Holloway Prison. On a sailing adventure with a prominent American lawyer, she celebrates her 21st birthday, completing her childhood, in style - at Elsinore Castle in Denmark.

Fate led her to the love of her life - as England's first Dolphin Girl she broke new barriers on communications with Dolphins which formed the basis for a book and a film on the subject. Her shock marriage to the genius comedy actor MAX WALL jettisoned her into a death defying descent into hell.

This survival story contains mysticism: Christine survives great tragedy with guts, style and humour. Healing and love that are truly strange and beautiful change her - and may change you too…

Author's brief biography:

A birds eye view of a human life is how Christine sees her memoirs. Begged to write 'her life story' since she was just 18, she finally after years of writing for others, sat down to write 'DIAMONDS ON MY SOUL' For three years she was unable to communicate the most painful parts. In time she did - and in doing so, she layed the ghosts.

Christine is married with two daughters, one, Georgia is married and studying Opera in Sydney. Her younger daughter Renée, is a corporate executive in Hobart. Christine lives on a small hobby farm in Tasmania which she shares with dachshunds, doves and horses. She and her husband David sail their small yacht The Covenant, and drive two carriage horses - for fun!

Christine has written for Readers Digest in both South Africa and Australia. Whilst writing Women In the Clergy for Readers Digest in 1985 in South Africa - she, and her family converted to Catholicism. Recently, with her husband David she produced the Saint Mary's Cathedral Concert in memory of Sergio Guiduci. Christine is currently writing a novel and researching a book on a rare breed of horse. Reading her poetry on the radio and breeding black and tan miniature dachshunds are just some of her many trivial pursuits.

DIAMONDS ON MY SOUL can be bought on the Internet at
www.buymyebook under autobiographies Christine E. Bowker. The price is US$7.

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