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A Tasmanian Paradise Lost is the latest collection of poems by Tasmanian Writers' Centre member, GRAEME HETHERINGTON

About "A Tasmanian Paradise Lost", Hobart poet, Stephen Edgar writes, "It continues the remarkable late flowering of work by Graeme Hetherington - or rather the late culmination of sequences which have been years in making.

Part one celebrates a friend of the author's youth, Boyd - larger than life, unlettered and reminiscent of Stella Gibbons' Seth; but in so doing it opens a window on an astonishing lost world of West Coast life in almost Proustian detail, though far from Proust in content. Hetherington's gaze lingers, both fascinated and appalled. Truth here is stranger than fiction - and unforgettable.

Part Two chronicles Hetherington's years of travel in Europe, a spirit 'unappeased and peregrine', in a mosaic of glimpses and anecdotes, much of it drenched in mediterranean light, where a cast of contemporary figures acts out the human drama amid the solid beauties of modern Greece and ghosts from a past both Classical and Vandemonian."

A Tasmanian Paradise Lost is available from good bookshops or direct from Walleah Press. ISBN 1 877010 02 2, $20. If ordering direct, please add $5 p&p.
Walleah Press, PO Box 368 North Hobart Tasmania 7002.

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