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Dr. JACQUI TRIFFITT is a Clinical and Sport Psychologist currently working in private practice in West Hobart, Tasmania. She is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society and Member of the College of Sport Psychologists.

Jacqui has worked extensively in the areas of vocational and injury rehabilitation, personal development and sport psychology. Her consultancy services include individual and relationship counselling. mediation, training services and occupational stress prevention and management. She has successfully treated many people with fear of driving and helped them achieve their goal to start or return to driving.

Back in the Driver's Seat is her new book.

Do you avoid driving or feel anxious when driving?
Does your fear of driving interfere with your lifestyle?
Are you dependent on others for transport?
Would you like to understand and overcome your fear of driving?
Do you want to be a relaxed and confident driver?

If you answered YES to these questions then you have recognised five excellent reasons for working through the Back in the Driver’s Seatâ programme.

The Back in the Driver’s Seat programme is innovative and effective. It will help you develop strategies and skills to understand, challenge and manage your fear of driving.


This programme is without doubt one of the best things I’ve done for myself. It’s something that I’m sure dozens of people would benefit from, given the opportunity. Thank you so much!”

“ It is no exaggeration to say that for me personally the programme has been invaluable. I came into the course terrified to get into the drivers seat. I am now driving daily in various driving situations including city traffic, long distance and night driving”.

This book is suitable for people who have never driven, are returning to driving following an accident or significant life event, or who would like to improve their confidence to drive in certain situations. It is also a useful resource for health professionals and driving instructors who are supporting people to overcome their fear of driving.

Cost of the book: $ 30.00. Postage per single purchases is $1.20 within Australia and $ 5.50 outside Australia. Postage for multiple books will be dependent on number.

Book can be purchased from
Back in the Driver's Seat,
PO Box 103
North Hobart
7002 Tasmania

ISBN 0-646-42538-2

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