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EUGENIA JENNY WILLIAMS was born in 1936 in Kosice, then in Hungary later in Czechoslovakia, now in the Slovak Republic. After the occupation by USSR Jenny and her family escaped illegally to Vienna, where they lived while waiting to be admitted to Australia. In 1969 she arrived in Australia, Tasmania. During her thirty-three years in Australia Jenny has worked in a variety of jobs as a washer upper, laboratory analyst, and a public servant in the customer service at the Hydro. Jenny began writing in her retirement, and in 1995 she received a grant from Arts Tasmania for the editing of her novel, YENNI - A Life Between Worlds was published by Pluto Press in 2002 and is available from your favourite bookshop. e: Jenny Williams at bjw@trump.net.au

YENNI - A Life Between Worlds by Eugenia Jenny Williams. In 1969 seven assisted migrants stepped out of the TAA aeroplane at Hobart Airport. There were three children between one and twelve and four adults. Yenni was one of the adults. By 1990 three adults passed away and it left Yenni to tell the next generation about her native country, it's culture and tradition, about their ancestors but mainly about why they were born in Australia. Yenni wrote a book about it. The book was published by Pluto Press Australia in 2002 and was launched by the Premier of Tasmania. It also received a grant from Arts Tasmania because Yenni was one of those who came, loved it, stayed and she had a story to tell.


YENNI is an autobiographical novel about growing up, learning, taking charge of an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances, with a happy ending. It talks about the Second World War, liberation, shifting borders, clashes of cultures and ideologies, occupation, illegal escape and emigration. It tells about countries, their culture, tradition, the way of life, which is unknown to technically developed West. But it also talks about Yenni's private struggle with the regime and her marriage.

The book was originally intended for the family and because of it it's honest, private and intimate in an easy to read storyline for the reader to follow the unexpected, many times undesirable experiences of Yenni. It's an uplifting and optimistic story, which will leave the reader with smile in their hearts and as any life story it is full of drama adventure, humour and love through Yenni's life in her pursuit to find love and freedom.

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