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KITTY MADESON had a rich and exciting childhood in The Bronx in the pre-WW2 period. Then television was the subject of futuristic science fiction. Homework was rarely required, and street crime was practically unknown. The kids on Creston Avenue 'owned' the streets, which served as our playground and community centre.
Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than intelligence." Imagination was constantly drawn on in the creation of street games, or in 'seeing' The Lone Ranger and Tonto or a heavy-weight fight magically brought to our home by radio.
Kitty left a full-on executive position in New York and settled in Tasmania. That lifestyle shift made it possible for her to use her imagination again when she started to write for the first time in l983. Short stories, film scripts and poetry poured out like lava from a volcano. Happily for Kitty, (and she hopes for her readers) words continue to flow.

- $8 + $1.00 P&H
39 Poems. For Everyone Who Has Been In Love, And Is Now Out Of Love.

"Kitty Madeson is a journalist of the Id. Her poetry will take you on a journey through the stages of disbelief, sadness, rage and acceptance. She pulls no punches with her hard-hitting and powerful images of life in the hot seat." Michael Dargaville, Journalist and Poet - Canberra Australia.

"Kitty Madeson is a woman who loved too much. She describes the process of concluding a relationship with insight, humour and irony." Jane Supino, Psychoanalyst, New York

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Please send cheque or money order with address, etc.
C/o: Madeson, P.O. Box 1761, Tasmania 1761, Australia
or 14 Mead St., Somerville, MA.02144 USA.


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