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LIAN TANNER is a children's fiction writer and playwright. Her first children's novel, Rats! - a funny, fast-moving adventure about change, friendship and the cutest pet rats you'll ever meet - has just been published by Lothian.
Her new radio play, Inquest into the Disappearance of a Sensible Woman, will be broadcast on Radio National's 'Airplay' in 2004.

Lian has worked as a teacher in Australia and Papua New Guinea, as well as a professional actor, a freelance journalist, a social planning consultant and a tourist bus driver. She was a founding member of and songwriter with the long-defunct band 'The Ovarian Sisters'. Her plays for adults include Underworld ('Airplay', 2002) and Corpus Nullius, which was performed at the 1996 International Festival of Puppetry in Budapest. Her children's plays include I've Got Wind, a music theatre piece for the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Heroes and Yolla (Terrapin Puppet Theatre).

Her stories have been regularly published in School Magazine, the NSW Department of Education's literary magazine for children. Lian has a degree in Earth Sciences and an Associate Diploma in Performing Arts, and lives by the beach in Tasmania. She is currently writing her second children's novel and a new stage play.

About RATS!
"I glare at the new girl. She's got long blonde hair and a pale face. Her legs are thin and wobbly looking. Her eyes are a watery blue and she smiles every time Mrs Jacobs speaks to her. A sucky smile. If she had a tail she'd wag it . . . I hate her already."

Nicky's world is falling apart. Her dad's left home, her mum's sold their house, and now there's Pukeface - her dad's new girlfriend - to contend with. What can Nicky do but declare her life a Change-Free Zone?

Then sucky new girl Meeegan Stoat and her mysterious stepmother Imelda arrive. Soon Nicky is fighting for more than the Change-Free Zone. Who will believe that the beautiful Imelda Stoat is not all she seems? And what about the danger to Monty, Nicky's beloved pet rat…

A funny, fast-moving adventure about friendship, change and the cutest pet rats you'll ever meet.

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