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MAGAER LENNOX was born in a small country town in Western Victoria. She was a diligent student and intended to pursue a scientific career until social justice issues overtook these intentions in University. She realised at this point that the pursuit of spiritual understanding was of utmost importance in her life.

This led her on a journey of self-discovery through different spiritual modalities until she found her way to Central Australia. During her time in the Centre she worked in various occupations in Aboriginal Communities. It was during this time that she was able to re-integrate her own Aboriginality, which had not been acknowledged up until this time.

Crossroads is her first book.

Crossroads is a book about reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. When we recognise the greatness of our spirits and can transcend the smallness of our egos, we will then be able to reconcile with others. This may entail a reconciliation within each and every one of us, with our spirituality, our spirit.

Magaer Lennox.

About Crossroads:
" This book has attitude. It is about doing spiritual work in an Australian setting. Doing spiritual work is not about thrusting upon others one's own beliefs and opinions.

"It is about placing questions and encouraging an attitude about life and death matters in such a way that those matters may be responded to from a genuinely spiritual point of view.

"This book courageously lays open questions about our people, our country and our spirit. It encourages the reader to think and think again about what doing spiritual work is about.

"If one accepts that spiritual life is inherently at work in every person then Magaer's book stimulates one to find, recognise and cooperate with a subtle process that is alive and inherent -in - being in Australia.

"Unfortunately our spiritual being is also having a very hard time right now and needs all the help it can get.

Dr. Craig San Roque, Jungian Analyst, Community Psychologist,
Alice Springs.

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