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Author/artist/animal lover MARLIES BUGMANN was born in Switzerland and grew up rescuing 'lost' animals, including most of the neighbourhood pets. In her early twenties she emigrated first to New Zealand and then to Australia where she found all kinds of new and wonderful creatures to enjoy.

It was after she moved to Tasmania, however, that she became fascinated by the island's native avian, fauna and flora. Immediately, she became aware of the thylacine's unusual status on this island and after she began writing it wasn't long before this animal took form in the first of her books in The Green Heart Series of Tasmanian illustrated children's adventure books - Kangaroo Dog, which was published in 2002.

Book one, Kangaroo Dog, has been described as 'a well written, clever and refreshing treatment of an old theme - the secret discovery of thylacines . . . lots of fun.' (N. Mooney)

Bluegum Christmas was written soon after for the 2002 festive season, at the request of her publishing company. The swift parrot's tightly woven relationship with the Tasmanian bluegum highlights our responsibility toward nature.

"Bluegum Christmas is an enlightening children’s book. It is a fascinating story about two children growing up in the bush. The conservation message is intertwined with the story amidst the threat of logging of the habitat of the ‘Christmas bird’. The solution to this threat cleverly incorporates recent developments in the conservation of important patches of [rainforest]. (quote by one of Tasmania’s most renown bird specialist, Raymond Brereton).

Book three, Tazzie Devil Double Trouble is a timely book to bring attention to the plight of one the Island's icon. Packed full of illustrations.

Quoll Quandary, book 4 in The Green Heart Series highlights the slim chances of survival of another one of Tasmania's unique animals if the current trend of logging is allowed to continue and foxes are allowed to gain a foothold on the island. This book will be available for Christmas 2004.

Through the adventures of Ben Arthurson and Samantha Hogan, two children living close to the North-East Tasmanian wilderness, the reader comes face to face with the creatures of Australia's Island State - literally - as Marlies, the artist, not only creates the colourful covers of her books but also underscores her stories with beautifully executed pencil drawings.

The Green Heart Series of Tasmanian illustrated children's adventure books is aimed at the young reader, or the young at heart, as well as the visitor to Tasmania who is looking for that 'something home-grown' from Tasmania to take home with them.

The Green Heart Series Publisher’s Quote: "At a time when the degradation of the environment and the impact of uncontrolled development threaten the future of the planet, we were thrilled to discover Ms. Bugmann's delightful and extraordinarily well-written Green Heart books," noted Zumaya Publications Executive Editor Elizabeth K. Burton. "Not only do they provide a wonderful look into the beauties of Tasmania, but they provide children with insight into just how fragile those beauties are, all wrapped in an exciting adventure."

The books are available through http://www.booksurge.com/author.php3?accountID=ZUMA00048&affiliateID=A000160
and soon will also be printed and distributed in Australia.
Contact the author at m&d;@tasmanianartist.com


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