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On a fortuitous day in the late '70s, MICHAEL ARISTON grabbed a crayon and wrote his first word: eoMFe.

Since then he has put his right hand forward, applying it variously to epic novelettes about cats, broad sweeping tragicartoon mass-media pastiche and parody about dogs, embarrassing teen-angst short stories about girls; and a multitude of essays for English classes about books and stuff. In his late teens he developed an ever-growing love for poetry. This led, via labyrinthine sidetracks, to the self-publication of 3 books: Junkyard Bloom (1997), Sunbathe in Moonlight (2001) & Sometimes, I Just Don't Know About Lemmings (2003). To classify these works as poetry alone, greatly understates their scope and variety. Michael's works are hybrids; encompassing, in varying degrees, poetry, prose, graphic design, song and aspects of theatre and film. In 2002 Michael registered M.A.D.Press as a business.

Michael is a regular stall-holder at markets in Hobart (& Melbourne once yearly). His work is, in this way, slowly but steadily finding an audience. He is 28, lives in Hobart with a woman, her daughter & several animals, and is currently working on two books: a novella Sekzsek City and an anthology of 1000 short thematically linked poems, A Thousand Deaths.

SUNBATHE IN MOONLIGHT is a collection of poems and short stories written over a 5 year period. Divided thematically into 6 sections: Eczema (Itchy & uncomfortable aspects of life), Baldness (God & religion), Second Skin (Art & ambition), Nuddy (Erotica & love), Tan-Lines (Guiding life philosophies) & Dandruff (Stories & fictional flakes of life); these works explore serious, sometimes weighty issues while maintaining a playful sense of humour. Self-published at great expense to the author (blood, sweat, tears and $) Sunbathe in Moonlight is available by order from the address below for $20 (postage incl.).

SOMETIMES, I JUST DON'T KNOW ABOUT LEMMINGS Part poetry, part prose; treatise, thesis, confession, manifesto, biological study, literary odyssey with furry pages and inbuilt animation - About Lemmings is not an easy book to pigeonhole. It is an autobiographical fiction posing (throughout its 100 pages) the big philosophical question: What is it all about? And it's cute, too.

Self-published solely on the proceeds of Sunbathe in Moonlight, About Lemmings is available by order from the address below for $15 (postage incl.).

Send your cheque or money order to:
Michael Ariston
GPO Box 2134
Hobart Tas 7001