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PAM ALLEN is a senior lecturer in the School of Asian Languages and Studies at the University of Tasmania. Her interest in Asia began when she was an undergraduate at the ANU in Canberra, where she obtained a first-class honours degree in Asian Studies. From there she undertook a Dip.Ed. and a B.Ed. at the University of Adelaide and embarked upon a teaching career, which she interrupted when she received an East-West Center scholarship to do her MA at the University of Hawaii, where she specialised in southeast Asian drama and theatre. Pam's teaching career has covered all sectors of the education system, from kindergarten to tertiary, including Adult Education. After fifteen years teaching in state and private school systems in South Australia and Tasmania, she moved into the tertiary sector in 1992 and completed her PhD in Indonesian literature through the University of Sydney.

Her research interests include contemporary Indonesian literature, with a particular interest in postcolonial studies and gender issues. Her publications include articles and conference papers on contemporary literature as well as translations into English of Indonesian fictional writing. She was awarded an Australia-Indonesia Institute grant for the publication of her anthology of translated short stories, 'Women's Voices' (Longman 1995) and was funded by the Australian Society of Authors for the (forthcoming) translation of the novel 'Saman' by the Indonesian writer Ayu Utami.

Pam's current project is an examination of minority Chinese voices in Indonesian literature, and she is co-editor of a special edition of the journal 'Asian Ethnicity' devoted to the issue of Chinese Indonesians since the fall of Suharto. She is also planning a new project on Balinese literary and cultural responses to the October 12 bombings.

Locally, Pam is a member of two reading groups - one fiction, one non-fiction - and has had her work published in 'Coastlines' and Island Magazines.

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