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PATSY CRAWFORD is a Tasmanian columnist and feature writer. She has written extensively for newspapers on the mining and social history of the West Coast. She is co-author of Renison: The Slumbering Giant, a history of the Renison Bell tin mine, published in 1996 and author of King: The story of a river, published in 2000.

Boom town mining communities, in their frantic race for wealth, a race run against time, nature and the laws of physics, have long provided a rich dramatic vein for storytellers. Nowhere does this vein run deeper than in isolated, ore-rich Queenstown, Tasmania.

Now, Tasmanian author Patsy Crawford uses the reality of Queenstown and the mine disaster of 1912 to create a rich narrative of the time, the people and the events that coloured the history of the town in one of its most raucous periods.

God Bless Little Sister is a novel set against the backdrop of the rugged, bald mineral hills and mountains of Tasmania's mining region. Crawford, who grew up in the area, uses the actual events of last century's North Lyell disaster as the canvas for her story of the men and women, both real and fictional, who struggled, loved, sometimes prospered, and who always worked hard in conditions above and below ground that would test their humanity and maybe take their lives.

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