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PETER MCINTOSH has been fascinated by Shakespeare since his schooldays, but studied geology at university in the U.K before working with a scientific publishing house in Holland and then moving to New Zealand and Australia, where he works as a research scientist. He has published over 50 scientific papers, mainly on geology, soils and the New Zealand high country. His book on Shakespeare's Sonnets is his first foray into the field of English literature. Peter lives in Hobart with his wife Els, enjoys sailing and bushwalking in his spare time and has two grown-up children.

A 400-year literary deception?
A new book by a Tasmanian scientist argues that Shakespeare's Sonnets were not written by the great bard, but by someone even more illustrious.

Shakespeare's Sonnets - An Elizabethan Love Story.
Dr. Peter McIntosh of Hobart questions the traditional academic view that accepts that Shakespeare wrote the Sonnets. "There is no doubt that there was an actor called William Shakespeare. But the orthodox belief that the actor Shakespeare wrote the immortal sonnets is just that - a belief. There is no independent evidence such as a signed manuscript to prove Shakespeare's authorship."
Dr. McIntosh said there were big problems with the traditional academic view. "Most of the sonnets are love poems addressed to a good-looking youth. If Shakespeare wrote the sonnets, the obvious implication is that he was a homosexual. Would Shakespeare have risked publishing self-incriminating sonnets in his own lifetime?
Dr McIntosh said that the final piece of evidence that convinced him of Elizabeth's authorship was the dedication page of the sonnets. "This curious and ungrammatical piece of writing has puzzled experts for centuries. It has a strange layout and an unconventional use of full stops. The lines containing the oddly-chosen words 'BY OUR EVER-LIVING POET WISHETH' are given special prominence. There is a perplexing reference to a Mr.W.H., which has never been satisfactorily explained."
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Shakespeare's Sonnets - An Elizabethan Love Story.
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