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SALLY ODGERS has had more than 200 books published since her first title in 1977. She writes in a wide range of genres, specialising in children's books, reading-scheme material, fantasy and science fiction for teenagers, and romance, historicals and paranormals for adults. Well-known titles include Dreadful David, Hero, Kayak, Translations in Celadon, Tasmania, A Guide and Anna's Own.

Further examples include: Five Easy Lessons (Children's fiction), Bunyips Don't, Wicked Rose (Picture books), Parroty, Elizabeth, Blue Gold (Reading scheme), Skippy, Blinky Bill (Novelisation and spin-off), Shadowdancers, Aurora (Young Adult fantasy and science fiction), Powderflash (Historical novels), Night Must Always Come, O'Connor's Last Stand (Paranormal/suspense), Mix and Match, Kissing Cousins, Fool's Gold (Romance), Storytrack, Story Strategies (Non-fiction). Sally also sold a lot of children's poetry in the 1980s and edited a poetry collection for HarperCollins. Sally is a regular columnist with Novel Advice and is one of the first Tasmanians to be commercially e-published, with ten novels either published or contracted.

Sally also writes how-to articles and essays for various on-and-offline publications, including Challenge, Comet, Novel Advice, and Twilight Times, plus review books for various companies and publications. She has conducted workshops in every state and territory except for WA, as well as being employed as a tutor for Nestlé Write Around Australia for the past six years.

For more biographical information about Sally Odgers go to http://www.authorsden.com/sallyodgers

To buy books by Sally Odgers go to http://sallyodgers.50megs.com/Sallyo'sbookshop.htm

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