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WENDY GEORGE lives in Spreyton, on Tasmania's niorth west coast, and descriobes herself as a Intuitive (Psychic) Writer.

Her writing services include:

  • Intuitive (psychic) writings are done for clients one to one.
  • I have been doing writings in this format for approximately 4 - 5 years.
  • Writings have been sold both Nationally and Internationally.
  • A personal writing can give you insight into personal issues or areas of concern in the current phase of your life.
  • Writings do not relate to material aspects of your life but to subjects that relate to you on an emotive level.
  • Things which may be causing you current confusion, e.g. "I am unsure which way my life is headed".
  • To initiate a writing you need to e-mail me.
  • No information other than your name is required.
  • All information relates specifically to the person requesting the writing.
  • Writings are usually 2-3 pages in total.
  • Please note that no copies of writings are kept.
  • Once the writing has been forwarded to the client and payment has been made, the writing is erased from my computer.

Contact details to request a writing or for further information is: spiritguides@hotmail.com
Cost $50.00. - Payment information shall be given on request.

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