Are We There Yet? Writing Your Novel: Workshop with Miles Franklin-shortlisted Andrea Goldsmith

Writers' Centre Event

Are We There Yet? Writing Your Novel: Workshop with Miles Franklin-shortlisted Andrea Goldsmith
Sun, 30/09/2020 - 10:00am - 4:00pm
$77 for Writers' Centre members or TATE members. $110 non-members. All are welcome to join as members, from $25.

Legacy House, 159 Macquarie St, Hobart or phone 6224 0029, Monday to Thursday

Learn or refine your craft and be re-energised to work on your novel, with Miles Franklin-shortlisted novel master, Andrea Goldsmith. If writing novels were simply a matter of having a terrific idea and dashing off a first draft, the world would be wallowing in fiction – most of it very bad. The first stage of a novel is the fun part, the everything-is-possible-unfettered-imagination part, the dreaming-of-the-Miles-Franklin period. But if you’re serious about writing a novel, a novel that has a chance of finding a publisher, then a focus on honing the initial outpourings is all-important.

During the course of the day, Andrea will offer structure of the novel, character, point of view, pacing and tone, how to manage the burgeoning material without being swamped, and how to maintain confidence and focus. You may be at the very beginning of your novel or have reached the end of a draft, either way, this course will equip you and re-invigorate you for work.

Andrea Goldsmith is one of Australia's foremost novelists and teachers, winning acclaim for her character-driven writing style. Her first novel, Gracious Living, was published by Penguin in 1989. This was followed by Modern Interiors (1991), Facing the Music (1994) and Under the Knife (1998). Her fifth novel, The Prosperous Thief, (Allen&Unwin) opens in Berlin in 1910 and covers the turbulent sweep of the twentieth century, and was short-listed for the 2003 Miles Franklin award. Andrea’s literary essays have been published widely. She has taught creative writing throughout Australia, and mentors new writers. She is a lively speaker and performer and is a sought-after guest of literary and other festivals. Andrea has just completed her latest novel, Waiting for the Crocodile. It will be published by 4th Estate in 2013.

Jennifer Levasseur, writing in The Australian:

"What may seem simple or even trite feels revolutionary in Goldsmith's hands. Reunion is a true novel of ideas, one that challenges perceived notions about friendship, romantic love, ethics and morals, privacy, today's youth-oriented culture and its emphasis on autobiography, sacrifice, the pleasures and despair of work, and the strength and fragility of the human mind.

"From their humble beginnings as ordinary suburban kids to innovators at the forefront of contemporary art and science, these four lead the reader through discovery and loss and rediscovery of identity and purpose... Too full and rich to be more than scratched at in a review this size, Reunion doesn't chronicle the lives of extraordinary people; it traces four ordinary people who, through intense study and dedicated work, have made their lives exceptional... " Read more here.

Jo Case, writing in The Monthly:

"A kind of inner-city intellectual counterpart to Christos Tsiolkas's suburban masterpiece The Slap, it is a novel about how we live now, about the lifestyles and values of present-day Melbourne and, by extension, Australia. By juxtaposing today's city with the very different Melbourne of the late 1970s, Goldsmith illuminates the cultural and physical changes that have taken place in the years between the Whitlam and Howard eras. In particular, she charts the shift in morality and the way that technology is transforming communication and knowledge - and with them, relationships. " Read more here.