Meet the Writer - Bare Witness - with the Theatre Royal

Thu, 18/10/2020 - 5:30pm - 6:07pm
Fullers Bookshop
Free event, all welcome
Fullers Bookshop 131 Collins Street Hobart

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Thu, 18/10/2020

Bare Witness is a play that focuses on the world of foreign correspondents and photographers who risk their lives to report from war zones. Playwright Mari Lourey says “researching this play, I became intoxicated with the world of photojournalism. What makes someone become a foreign correspondent or photographer is at the heart of my writing this play.” Mari will be joined by local Tasmanian journalist Rebecca Fitzgibbon, from ‘The Mercury’ and John Martinkus, Lecturer in Journalism, Media and Communication, UTAS. Robert Jarman will facilitate this event. What story lies behind the image? The truth, or the next front page? Reservations essential