A Fireside Companion

The dashing folks at the TWC are now offering a brand new short story course titled A Fireside Companion, to be taught by Philomena van Rijswijk, a winner of the National Year of Reading short story competition last year. 

The course will run fortnightly on Sunday mornings. Topics covered include:
* The shape of the short story - why suspense and twists are a cop-out
* The poetry of the short story - hinting at hidden depths
* Authenticity in your stories - place, time, language, dialogue and paradox
* How loving your characters means loving real people
* Where to start a story - not with a bang and not with a whimper
* Where to finish a story - handing over, and leaving room for the reader

For more info on the course get in touch with the centre at admin@tasmanianwriters.org or 6224 0029.