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Australian Poetry - Online Workshops Posted Thursday 21st July, 2011

Online workshops run for four weeks and operate by participants emailing the tutor their poetry on the first date of the workshop. The tutor will respond with feedback and direction on the same day. Participants will then continue to submit their work, improving their piece based on feedback offered weekly, for the duration of the course.

1 August – 29 August: Lorraine Marwood – Writing Poetry for Children
Each week Lorraine will set a writing task to cover the variety of poems currently published in children’s poetry in Australia.

3 October – 7 November: Andy Jackson – New Streams Three
A chance to connect with Australian poetry through an introduction to the Australian Poetry Library. A series of new books from the Library used to provoke discussion, debate and your writing.

7 November – 5 December: Emily Ballou – Discovering the Poem
Using found text to create biographical poems or writing through the lens of a character (animal or human), this workshop will help you discover poems you didn’t know were there.
Why do we write poetry? Why do we get stuck sometimes and lack inspiration? How do we inspire or re-inspire ourselves when writing poetry is an important part of our lives?

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