CAL launches massive free poetry website for Australia

CAL launches massive free poetry website for Australia Posted Monday 30th May, 2011

Copyright Agency Limited this week celebrated the launch of the $750,000 Australian Poetry Library website along with Australian poets, educators, policy makers and supporters of the literary community.
This site, which has been more than three years in the making, is designed to showcase the very best of Australian poetry. The website contains the poetry of 217 of Australia’s leading poets, along with audio-visual, critical and biographical material to add considerable value to the audience’s understanding and experience of Australian poetry.
The enthusiasm for this project was simple: It was developed to enhance the profile and access to the works of some of Australia’s literary creators who, despite the enduring cultural value of their works, are among the least well remunerated. It is also about making content accessible to a wider audience and to overcome the limitations sometimes associated with the creation and sharing of poetry.
‘This is an imaginative way of supporting our poets, and linking their work to the educational sector to the benefit of all,’ said Brian Johns AO, Chair of the CAL Cultural Fund Committee.
Through changes in technology, this site is creating positive opportunities for Australian creators to both expose their works to a wider audience than that currently available through the printed word, as well as providing another opportunity to develop an income stream for creators.
This project also contributes to the ongoing development, preservation and protection of Australia’s cultural heritage, long after content is first published.
‘We hope that with the launch of this new resource, that current and future generations of Australians will now be able to rediscover and enjoy these literary treasures much more readily,’ says CAL CEO, Jim Alexander.
This site was a joint venture project between the University of Sydney, the CAL Cultural Fund and the Australian Research Council (ARC) and was more than three years in the making.
The CAL Cultural Fund contributed what was, at the time, the largest financial contribution of $150,000 towards this project as well as in-kind support to assist in rights management.
In addition, the CAL funding and organisational partnership assisted in securing an ARC grant of four times CAL's monetary contribution, $600,000. This was the largest ARC grant ever made in the humanities area.
The CAL Cultural Fund supports a wide variety of projects across Australia which aims to encourage cultural development and provide practical assistance to CAL's members and the greater Australian cultural community.
The Cultural Fund is funded entirely through the financial contributions of CAL members (Australian authors, journalists, publishers and visual artists) and supports innovation and further development of Australian creative industries.

The site can be accessed at

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