Free publicity for your book in the Summer Reading broadsheet!

Free publicity for your book in the Summer Reading broadsheet! Posted Wednesday 21st September, 2011

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce that the Centre is now calling for your books released in 2011 to be included in our major publicity tool for the year, the Tasmanian Writers' Centre Summer Reading Broadsheet.

Last year's broadsheet was a huge success, promoting more than fifty new books by Tasmanian writers, at no charge to our members. Around 2500 copies were distributed to the public through the Centre, bookshops, State Libraries, literary events, and major festivals including home truths during 10 Days on the Island and the Junction 2011 National Regional Arts conference in Launceston.

This is a key service for Writers' Centre members, so if your book was (or will be) released this year, read our guidelines below, and send your information and a copy of your book to us by Friday 21 October. We look forward to featuring your work!

Chris Gallagher,


What will appear in the broadsheet?
Cover images will be black and white, printed at a thumbnail size, about 3cm tall by 2 cm wide. Your book title and author's name with 30 words of text will appear beside it. Layout will be similar to last year's broadsheet, copies are still available from the office.

Can I have a larger cover image?
Yes, if you would like a larger cover image, about 5cm tall x 3cm wide, you can have this for $45 payable to the Writers' Centre.

What if I had more than one book out in 2011?
You can submit a separate cover image and 30-word description for each 2011 book.

What if my book is not out yet?
We can accept material for books which will be released before 31 December.

What do I need to send?
Email to
• Your cover image as a JPEG of 300 dpi, postcard size or larger; or as a PDF.
• The book title and author's name.
• Up to 30 words of text to promote the book. It can be good to include a short endorsement quote. Your 30 words must include the price and publisher details. (Do not include the title and author in the 30 words.) If the book is self published please send the website or email contact information. We reserve the right to edit the text.
• A copy of your book(s) for promotional use in the Writers' Centre library, and to allow staff to see your new work. Mail books to the Centre at 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart TAS 7000.
• If you would like a larger cover image, specify this in your email and pay $45 to the Centre by Friday 21 October.

When should I send my material?
Submissions close at 5pm on Friday 21st October.

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