"But when the pen is in their hand they have to write by itch and twitch..."
- John Ciardi, 1916 - 1986


TWITCH IS BACK! And short of buying a soothing cream for it, keep your eyes and ears open for news on what's twitching in your area.

Twitch brings young Tasmanian writers together. Fortnightly meetings, some visiting authors et cetera, other excellent things as we see fit & can organise our writerly selves into doing. And we want you along for the journey.

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This blog is for your (!) thoughts, musings, quotes, scribblings , pics - you know... if you feel the twitch...

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Submitted By: Adam Ouston, 23 June 2020

Following on from today's Twitch get together, thought I'd post this article. Oddly encouraging.

Submitted By: Robbie Arnott, 07 September 2020

We're extremely excited to announce that on Wednesday the 26th September we'll be hosting the Tasmanian launch of 'Copy/Paste', the latest edition of Voiceworks Magazine, at the Salamanca Arts Centre.

Voiceworks is a publication for young Australians, run by young Australians, featuring the work of young Australians.  They publish a new edition quarterly, featuring fiction, poetry, essays, photgraphy and artwork from Australians aged 25 and under.  Here at...

Submitted By: Robbie Arnott, 24 August 2020

Here at Twitch we're always on the lookout for publication opportunities for young Tasmanian writers.  With that in mind we're putting out a shameless plug for The John Marsden Prize for Young Australian Writers.

The details: the first place winner in the short story competition will receive $3000, and the winner of the poetry prize in the same age group wins $1500.  First place winners in both categories for people aged under 18 will receive $500.


Submitted By: Robbie Arnott, 10 August 2020

The dashing folks at the TWC are now offering a brand new short story course titled A Fireside Companion, to be taught by Philomena van Rijswijk, a winner of the National Year of Reading short story competition last year. 

The course will run fortnightly on Sunday mornings. Topics covered include:
* The shape of the short story - why suspense and twists are a cop-out
* The poetry of the short story - hinting at hidden depths
* Authenticity in...

Submitted By: Lesley Forsteepmoraldecline, 03 August 2020

It is oooooh so important to nurture those writerly feelings as soon as they begin to appear. It’s a bit like checking for cancer: Get in early. Reap the rewards (sorry for the gruesome imagery, but it kind of works). And the analogy isn’t so far off, when you consider the potential harm to body and soul if a good writer, and thereby good writing, goes un-nourished, unnoticed by any save the starving (often in more than just the spiritual sense) writer.

That word gets...