"But when the pen is in their hand they have to write by itch and twitch..."
- John Ciardi, 1916 - 1986


TWITCH IS BACK! And short of buying a soothing cream for it, keep your eyes and ears open for news on what's twitching in your area.

Twitch brings young Tasmanian writers together. Fortnightly meetings, some visiting authors et cetera, other excellent things as we see fit & can organise our writerly selves into doing. And we want you along for the journey.

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This blog is for your (!) thoughts, musings, quotes, scribblings , pics - you know... if you feel the twitch...

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Submitted By: Robbie Arnott, 18 May 2020

Dear Twitchers: Are you a writer, poet, lyricist, or journalist? Does your work benefit from being performed or read aloud? Do you want to win prizes, see other talented young artists perform, and possibly engage in mild flirtation of the literary kind? Have you always know, deep down, that the masses need to hear your work? Then rejoice, dear friend, because we're bringing the audience to you. To celebrate National Young Writers' Month we're hosting our first ever Flash Fiction...

Submitted By: Lesley Forsteepmoraldecline, 11 May 2020

If you write, it follows that you MUST read. You just have to. There’s no other way about it. Recently I heard an editor remark, while talking about reading submissions for a short-story competition, that it was obvious that some of the people submitting had never read a short story before, and this came through in the writing. It is almost more important than anything else.

And, logically, if you don’t read, why they hell should people read your stuff? This doesn’t...

Submitted By: Robbie Arnott, 04 May 2020

Hi guys,

From now on we will be posting a new blog entry every Friday, authored by a variety of different young Tasmanian writers.  This isn't a set-on-concrete type of blog though - anynoe can still upload their own posts whenever they like.


The Twitch Team

Submitted By: Robbie Arnott, 21 March 2020

Hi everyone,

The guys at Mona will be hosting live performances from Tasmanian poets for the next few weeks at the Mona Markets, up until May 7th.  This is a fantastic opportunity to share your work and/or practice your performing in front of a large and welcoming crowd.  For expressions of interest or more information send an email through to


Submitted By: contentadmin, 08 March 2020

Ok, deep breath... I'm jumping in. First class of the poetry course on Monday, The Miracle in the Puddle, and we were told to bring pieces of trees. We laid our pieces on the massive (wooden) table in the Salamanca Arts meeting room. We talked trees, read tree poetry, wrote tree poetry and notes, read urban myth and personal tree stories.  We touched trees and breathed trees. 

My homework is, of course, to develop the tree poems. I'm scared, as always, by the...