THE YOOF take up ARMS and write

It is oooooh so important to nurture those writerly feelings as soon as they begin to appear. It’s a bit like checking for cancer: Get in early. Reap the rewards (sorry for the gruesome imagery, but it kind of works). And the analogy isn’t so far off, when you consider the potential harm to body and soul if a good writer, and thereby good writing, goes un-nourished, unnoticed by any save the starving (often in more than just the spiritual sense) writer.

That word gets bandied around a lot, doesn’t it? Writer. What do writers do? They write. That. Is. Foremost.

So, this is for the young’uns! Get into it as early as you can. There’s a great world out there, full of inspiration, ideas, loneliness, beauty, savagery (I could go on). And your job is to capture it – in the best way you can conjure up how. Use this list to help you along the way. Competitions are great for getting experience tailoring your writing, editing, submitting, being rejected – all vital survival tools. And it’s a great way to meet people, hear about other writers, source great writing, and maybe even win something (hopefully, but not always, cash). Some of the other links are for magazines where you can read emerging writers’ stuff, submit some of your own, get published maybe? And there’s resource links to clubs and associations which are helpful for so many reasons. Of course don’t forget that the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre is where it’s at in terms of writing in Tassie. Join (small membership fee for youngsters), drop in, volunteer – whatever you can.

Thanks go to Julia Olivier for compiling this epic and oh-so-helpful list designed to peak the interest of young writers like herself. Julia was recently involved as an intern with the TWC, with fellow intern Michael. (Thanks to you both for your bubbliness, your enthusiasm and your effort!)

Now get amongst it.



There's a YOUNG WRITER'S CONTEST, it's already been for this year but check it out and see if there is another one for next year.

WRITE4FUN - Competitions and opportunities

NATIONAL YOUNG WRITERS' FESTIVAL (27-30 September 2020) for 18-35 year olds - in Newcastle NSW

THE AUSTRALIAN POETRY CENTRE – a list of all the competitions, awards and prizes in alphabetical order.

OZKIDS competition.
3 categories - Grade 4-6, Year 7-9, Year 10-12

MS READATHON, designated reading month is in August.


ISLAND MAGAZINE, Tasmanian arts and literature quarterly
and it's online brain child, ISLET






And some others which I come across while checking out Julia’s list for myself:

THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD runs a young writers’ competition. Again, closed for this year, but check out this site for winning stories and for details about the 27-year-old competition
… and the SMH younger writers competition
Hope the list isn’t too daunting. Just focus on getting one done first. See how it goes. Before you know it, you’ll be a powerhouse of writing activitiy

PAGE SEVENTEEN is a Melb-based emerging writers’ magazine. Affiliated with SPUNC (don’t laugh. That means Small Press Underground Networking Community)

…and SPUNC themselves

Over and out.

- Lesley Halm